Building Information Modeling (BIM)

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the holistic process of creating and managing information for a built asset. Based on an intelligent model and enabled by a cloud platform, BIM integrates structured, multi-disciplinary data to produce a digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations.

BIM is enabling a rapid transition within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, driving positive business and project outcomes and supporting the digital transformation of the companies that embrace it.


60% of BIM-using architects report using BIM on over half of their projects, with a total of 89% forecast by 2024.

MEP & Structural Engineers

51% of BIM-using MEP and structural engineers report using BIM on over half of their projects, with a total of 80% forecast by 2024.

Civil engineers

46% of BIM-using civil engineers report using BIM on over half of their projects, with a total of 72% forecast by 2024.


41% of BIM-using contractors report using BIM on over half of their projects, with a total of 69% forecast by 2024.

Consultancy Services

Infrastructure (Civil Engineering -Roads, Highways, Bridges and Drainage) BIM Consulting

  • Preparation and Establishing of Existing Condition GIS Data, including Photogrammetry, Lidar, LandXML, etc.
  • GIS-BIM Integration Workflows, As-is 3D modelling, as-built 3D Modelling.
  • Integration of GIS and Design Content (BIM/CAD)
  • BIM/CAD Standardisation, Customisation and Workflow Optimisation
  • Infrastructure Design Optioneering and Optimisation
  • Traffic and Mobility Planning, Simulation, Analysis and Reporting
  • Managing and Coordinating Digital Infrastructure Project Information
  • Quantification, Costing, Scheduling and Project Delivery Planning
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Structural and MEP BIM Consulting

CiviStruct-IS has a professional and experienced team of engineers and design modellers/drafters. our team can design flawless BIM models, giving a perfect virtual picture of the construction process. When coordinated with our BIM consulting services, companies can be sure of getting only the best and error-free BIM model designs. Here are other things we do as part of BIM structural consulting Analysing, Simulating and Designing for Structural requirements

  • Establishing 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM services
  • Structural concrete/steel designing and detailing
  • Developing 3D models for all the project components and integrating them
  • Using clash-detective and models federation tools to build conflicting reports for clash detection and risk management with other discipline models/output
  • Creating Intelligent Object Libraries MEP and HVAC equipment MEP

Scan to BIM (Lidar/Laser Scanning and UAV) Data Processing and As-is/As-built Modelling.

The success of BIM implementation relies on the accurate building information stored in BIM models. However, building information in BIM models can be inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing in real-world projects. 3D Laser Scanning and UAV/Drones have been leveraged to capture the accurate as-is conditions of buildings and create as-is BIM models of buildings and infrastructure; this is known as the scan-to-BIM process. At CiviStruct-IS, it is our business to help you process, prepare, and analyse these high-definition data, and create 3D As-is, As-Built and Visualisations, in readiness for use in the various phases of the project.

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Product screenshot

BIM Consulting Services - Coordination and Management

We are a leading BIM Consulting firm in the region. We aid buildings and Infrastructure design professionals, engineers, architects, contractors migrate from CAD to BIM and manage the cost of implementing BIM across their organization

Our BIM implementation takes consulting and construction firms from design to well-managed design and construction stages with appropriate information-rich 3D Models, Scheduling, Cost Plans, Sustainability Design and Facility Management (Operation and Maintenance) enabled design, that is, from 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D respectively, using both BIM Level 2 and BIM Level 3 (Connected BIM) Frameworks.

Our strategic BIM consulting services focus on helping design consultant, government and development companies integrate their design values with construction firms for higher level of coordination and collaboration. Our BIM consultants help implementing BIM across organizations to gain better ROIs and achieve efficient overall project outcomes by delivering BIM-ready models.

Scope of Services for BIM Project Delivery Consulting

Our consulting services incorporates helping the owner/client and Project Management team solve people, process, and technological issues and deliver custom solutions and technology integrations for the project team and stakeholders. The scope of work may include but not limited to:

  • Establishing EIR - Employer Information Requirements and BIM requirements for requests for proposals.
  • Establishing Organizational Information Requirements (OIR)
  • Establishing Asset Information Requirements (AIR)
  • Establishing a BIM Project Execution Plan (BEP).
  • Establishing contract documents to develop BIM requirements for consultants and contractors, as well as Contract Compliance tracking and approving deliverables.
  • Develop and Maintain BIM Manual - Document that describes the principles of working with BIM on the project. This document should be kept up to date.
  • Establish and develop the procedure for using the CDE (Common Data Environment) platform and communication within project – Issue Creation, RFI Creation, management, and response matrix amongst the team.
  • 4D and 5D: Scheduling and Costing from the project from the 3D.
  • Definition and management of the Project required LOD, and compliance.
  • Setting, maintaining, and updating common data environment (CDE)

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